Everyone has different traditions over the festive period. For some in means a squash game on Christmas morning with an old friend, for others it is a trip to church to sing carols.

For me Christmas means heading down to London, putting on a pin badge with my name on and hanging out with my Crisis at Christmas family. My photography equipment and computer get a well-earned break and that is how it has been for the last seven years.

This means that if you contact me between the 23rd-30thDecember I will not respond as promptly as normal, I will get back to you, but I will be busy helping around 200 guests beforehand.

If you are unaware of Crisis it is a charity that helps homeless people across the UK to change their own lives all year round. At Christmas it opens several centres so there is a safe warm place to be for those that could feel isolated and lonely. Over the week it offers healthcare and a multitude of other services that could create opportunities for guests to change their future. If you want to support me in my volunteering you can book a place here:

Have a very Merry Christmas.
Love and Peace,

To read about my experience and more about Crisis:
The Face – an insight on what it is like to volunteer.
The Face – about Crisis at Christmas.


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