At the beginning of Lockdown I was busy editing, speaking to those I had shoots booked with and working out the best way forward. Once the dust had settled I contacted several organisations to see if I could volunteer. It seems as though I was too slow off the mark, which in its own way is a heartening thing. Out of around 15 local organisations and four national ones, no one needed me to volunteer for them meaning there were plenty of volunteers out there ready to help.

It was a chance conversation about egg boxes on Twitter that led me to photographing the community food hub at Queen Ediths. This differs slightly from the traditional food banks as it doesn’t require you to have vouchers, but is definitely an essential resource to the local area for those that are falling through the cracks in the most difficult of times.

It was really interesting to see how they operated. I went in on a set up day. Everyone was clearly briefed. Gloves, hand sanitiser, anti-bacterial cleaning spray and aprons were made available, then everyone set to work. There were signs about social distancing clearly marked. The volunteers made quick progress on, cleaning, sorting, weighing and labelling donations. I am grateful they allowed me along to document such a valuable place.

For more information or to donate visit Queen Ediths Community Food Hub
Cambridge Sustainable Food
is another local community organisation that also provides an essential service.
Or if you would like to help food banks across the country please visit the Trussell Trust



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